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Rare and pure of heart best describes the music of this Texas-based contemporary jazz guitarist, but Wood is not by any means  a newcomer to the music scene.  Born in San Antonio but raised in the small town in Bulverde, Texas, he has played with many of  country’s finest musicians as Johnny Gimble,  and also played for the house and road band with Mickey Gilley for three and half  years.  Charlie first started playing banjo, taught to him by his father, at the age of seven.  However, at the age of nine Charlie  developed an interest for guitar, and when he was eleven he began to take lessons from a jazz guitarist in San Antonio named  Dow Daggett.  At fourteen he began to professionally play various types of music from Rock ‘N Roll, R&B, Blues to Country.   Getting his feet wet in all genres of music, Charlie found his true love is Jazz.  When Contemporary Jazz hit the music scene  Charlie knew he had found his niche.  His love of Wes Montgomery, Chet Atkins and other guitar greats deeply influenced him  and he developed his own style and techniques that make his guitar playing something you remember.  Charlie released his first contemporary jazz CD, “In the Thick of the Woods,” (which was considered for a Grammy nomination in  1996).  On his second release, “Rhythms of the Eclipse”, he has guest artist, Kim Stone, bassist for the Rippingtons and  SpyroGyra, and received great reviews: “Charlie’s music is “sound that fuses smooth jazz, straight-up jazz, Latin, funk and  ballads”.  He plays his music with “soul, class and imagination” (Jim Beal, Night Lights, Express-News) which reveals his inner  creativity.  His persistence and determination have resulted in him opening for such acts as George Howard, Gerald Albright,  Walter Beasley, Everett Harp, Brian Culbertson and Chuck Loeb.  Most recently he has opened for Boney James, SpyroGyra,  Stanley Jordan and Kenny Garrett.  His latest CD project, “WaterColours”, once again has guest artist, Kim Stone.  This new CD breathes with life of Charlie’s heart and soul.  Inspired by recent events in his life it reflects his thought for mankind of Living in Unity as one man, one heart and one soul.  Kim Stone stated himself that this CD is, in his opinion, the best one so far and it was considered for a Grammy nomination in 7 categories, including Best Contemporary Jazz Album. Anthony Brown, PhD., Director of Asian American Orchestra states, “This new CD exhibits an exciting creativity and allows Charlie to venture into new territory.  With the release of WaterColours, San Antonio-based guitarist Charlie Wood documents his current direction in shaping the repertoire of jazz guitar. A truly gifted composer/musician, Wood's music employs a wide range of guitaristic colors, textures and effects that are refreshingly orchestral, with a momentum and sweep that incorporates a variety of influences, both obvious and nuanced. As with his previous release, Rhythms of the Eclipse (2003, Third Stream Productions), Kim Stone and multi-instrumentalist Oscar Cruz play key roles in realizing Charlie Wood's musical vision.” Currently, Charlie’s newest adventures are playing with musicians from all over the world. Recently, he played in Israel with various musicians from other countries in a joint venture to help man realize we are all interconnected and living in a global village. This project is keeping Charlie busy these days as he writes and records new music for this exciting avenue of connection. This year of 2012 will find Charlie in New York, Texas, and Israel. Charlie can be found in a majority of social networking scenes on the Internet, i.e., Face Book, YouTube and his own website ( Charlie participated in a different avenue of music which took place last summer in July of 2011. He was the Music Director for a play production at S.T.A.G.E. Productions in Bulverde, Texas called “Ring of Fire” a musical revue homage to Johnny Cash. This was an exciting career opportunity for him as he performed to a sold out audience for all 10 shows performing over 32 Cash songs with the outstanding vocal cast. Charlie says he is able to share his love of music and give to the community through his music store in Bulverde, Third Stream  Music, by teaching those who want music in their lives.  Music is the universal language and anyone, no matter what country they  are from, “understand” instrumental music.  It’s a sensation, a feeling from within.  Charlie knows we are all interconnected as  one heart, one soul and one man.  Charlie’s accomplishments have earned him endorsements by Epiphone Guitars, D’Addario Strings and Dunlop Picks.  He also is a  member of BMI and NARAS. It is evident Charlie’s music comes from his heart and for certain, whether you hear Charlie live or  on CD, he will captivate yours.